Friday, 29 June 2012

gamblin around Seoul

Last weekend a gang of us scooted over to Seoul Racecourse Park in Gwacheon for a flutter on the horses and a mild burning from the mid-afternoon sun. It turned out to be a great Saturday, the sun was smiling, the mountains held fort in the background and the racetrack stands were packed and charged with contagious electric energy as each race began. We had a hoot scuttling between the track and the horse paddock to select which horse we would put our next 5,000 won down on.... the guys basing their bets on racing odds and the gals pretty much picking the fanciest looking horse. We watched, we cheered and jumped up out of our seats, we lost we won, cooled off with ice cream and scratched our heads at the Korean race-cards. Finally we took our happy, tired (and broke) selves off to The Boiling Crab near Isu station where we got our hands messy but kept our clothes clean and ate the tastiest bag of spicy cajun-style boiled shrimp I think I'll ever have. 

It was a good day with good people. ^^*