Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Where the Heart's at

These past 4 months have been so full I hardly know where to begin with them. Since I said goodbye to Korea in September I've managed to put pins in the following countries on the map: Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, India and the greenest part on the entire globe, Ireland. Reconnecting with my parents after the longest stretch apart has been so joyful and I'm so lucky to be so close to my Mam and Pop, we're really just three great buddies, my little family. I've also been busy falling absolutely in love with the new house they bought while I was gone. It's in the loveliest little spot where every window affords a view of fields and sheep and tractors chugging on by on the lane out front. Like my Dad I am something of a hermit by nature so the isolation really agrees with me. I love the feeling of barricading myself inside my cave to read, write, think and breath deep uninterrupted by the world outside. Finally I've had the pleasure of a new room to put my stamp on which has kept my fingers busy daily. I've been unboxing, hanging, arranging and loving on every little corner till I make it my own.

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