Sunday, 20 May 2012

Lemon Teacher

                                                 Afternoon by Youth Lagoon on Grooveshark

Well gosh! I feel a little like I just finished my fifteenth turn on the  fairground Waltzer. Have I really been back in Korea for three weeks already? This lil lady has a had a time of it these last three I can tell you. First came the sickness and the jet lag, mix that up with a fistful of kiddlies and a bellyful of high emotions at being reunited with Dallas again. Well I repeat, it's been a time! Finally however it seems my world has stopped spinning fast enough for me to step off the ride and start enjoying the carnival. Teaching Kindergarten is certainly a carnival every day and somewhere in between the screams and tantrums, the nose blowing and trips to the bathroom I am starting to really enjoy being "Mom" slash "Lemon Teacher" (a cute new nick-name on account of my yellow hair ^^). I am now a home-room teacher to a class of six year olds (including one particularly ornery gentleman, goes by the name of Tom, check him on the far right) and despite the presence of this one little hooligan i am warming to the role of mother hen to my brood of chicklets. As the weeks clock by the little ones are showing me ever more trust and affection and it just melts my heart to a little puddle whenever one of them runs up to hug me in the hallway or comes up behind me to rub their face in my "Rapunzel" hair (!). I honestly don't think I fully grasped what i was getting myself into when I opted to teach this age group this time round, but now I'm in this I'm just going to hang on and enjoy the ride...


  1. I have to say your job sounds like such an inspiring and rewarding experience. Cute blog too x

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words!! ^.^ xx

  2. I recently found your blog and I love it!

    Your job sounds like my dream job! Just wondering if you got your job through a recruiter? If so, I would like to know which one. I've been looking at several recruiters but they only seem to offer jobs in elementary, middle and high school.Are you located in Seoul?

    It would be really helpful if you replied

    Keep up the good work!