Tuesday, 4 June 2013

print + paint

A week long sabbatical from the internet reminded my creative juices that they are still present and correct despite being redundant for some time so I set them the task of finally doing something pretty with the beach stones and shells I squirrelled away from my Donegal trip.
I love the results, especially on the shells. They look really lovely occupying tabletops and windowsills.

I also spent some time customizing a sad little multi-frame that has been boring me to tears on my bedroom wall for some time!
A pair of scissors, some washi tape and an afternoon on my bedroom floor doing some cuttin' and pastin' the old fashioned way has revived this frame and made it something a little more unique and personal to me.

My Mom brought me back this Parrot's tail feather last week after a trip to the Gardening Centre where she rescued it from the floor.
It's so beautiful and the other side of it is canary yellow. 
Being in the country birdsong, nests in our roof and watching for different species at the birdfeed in our garden has become part and parcel of our daily living.
We're even lucky enough to spy beautiful pheasants running through the fields surrounding our house occasionally. 
I'll be sorry to swap the sparrows and the starlings for pigeons when I move back to London!


  1. These are so cute! I love how you decorated it all :) That's so exciting to move to London

    1. Thanks! I'm looking to move back in a few months, very excited!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Whit! I'm sure you've managed to pick up a few treasures on your own adventures ^.^

  3. Oh my goodness, did you paint those shells? You've got such a talent for design. I'm so jealous, I wish I could be creative like that. My mum is an artist and always tried to encourage me to be creative too, but unfortunately it just came out in a jumbled mess every time I tried.

    1. I did Freya! But I did look at textiles and pictures online for the pattern ideas, I'm not that creative unfortunately, that's something I wish for!

  4. Absolutely love the last photo. So beautiful :)

    <3 Leney