Monday, 5 March 2012

Hey Little Girl

Yesterday my little cousin Caitríona came to our house for an afternoon. She's almost six, has an Amelie style haircut and is a perfect little madam as all nearly-six-year-old girls are. As far as I can tell her favourite things to do are pretending to be a dog, jumping on her "trumpoline" and blowing in my ear when I'm not looking.

We spent the afternoon indulging in one of her favourite past-times at my house...adventuring into my make-up bag! She also painted her own nails and bossed me around and raced me through every room in the house.

Children are so much fun to be around and spending time with this five year old and her imagination makes my heart pound at the thought of possibly teaching Kindergarten in Korea this year. I had such a great experience at the boys middle school for 2 years but I have to confess I think teaching the little 'uns will be more of a hoot.
Boys are boys at the end of the day and when you throw a bucket of teenage hormones into the mix you've got quite a hard crowd to please in the classroom! Small kids, if their anything like this one, are more likely to "ooh" and "aah" and humor teacher by playing her silly word games. She hopes!

Happy Monday! x

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