Sunday, 4 March 2012

Today Outside

Lately I like to break up my nesting period by plugging music into my ears and taking  my camera out for long walks. I'm loving the transitional weather we're having at the moment where the sky just can't decide if it's Winter or Spring. I love the crisp air and clean smells, dodging raindrops and coming home with a cold nose and red cheeks. Walking outside I love to loaf around the 'F' section on my iPod...First Aid Kit, Fleet Foxes, Feist...perfect outdoors/nature music.
The lane our house lives on leads down to the most beautiful little church hiding behind old stone walls and surrounded by a crumbling graveyard where snowdrops are springing up between the faded headstones. Like something straight from a page in a Bronte novel, it's Gothic and dark and beautiful.
And today the biggest of treats, returning home to the smell of a freshly mown lawn. I'd bottle it if I could :)

First Daffodils!

Wild blackberries

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