Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Nana's House

Boy oh boy. These past 5 days have yanked so hard on this girl's heart strings. My 89 year old Nana was taken into a nursing home on Thursday and since then we've had the hardest task of packing up and clearing out her little bungalow... not only her home for over 50 years but my own Mother and 7 of her brothers and sisters were born and raised here. I spent countless blissful summers playing in this house on my school holidays as a child. I even lived here for a year with my Nana when I was 11 years old.

So I've become a little weepy more than once while I've been boxing up all her knick knacks and trinkets and doo-dads, casting long last looks at her now empty favourite chair, lingering over the photo gallery of her children's weddings. Trying my best to lock it all away in a safe box in my memory.

Up to our armpits in rubber gloves and feather dusters it feels like with every surface I wipe and every spider I evict I'm chasing out and dusting over all the many happy memories of this house...polishing away the evidence of husband, 11 children, 20 grand-children and 2 great grand-kiddies. In all the packing up I've managed to thrift out and squirrel away a few little relics of my Nana that I can keep and remember her house by...a pill box, some handmade doilies, a chipped mug that's been here forever. I'm a sucker for old lady things.
The main thing , of course, is I still have my beloved Nana Kitty to love on and appreciate. House or no house, that gal's a gem.

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  1. this made me cry, its going to be strange knowing that she's not across town milling about in her house, find a trinket for me if you can! x