Monday, 11 March 2013

chasing sunsets

Happy monday, friends!
I feel I should say that to you, because Monday is such a bugbear isn't it?
Of all of the 7 days in our week Monday is the bête noire, the nuisance, the one to just get out of the way.
As I sat in my empty classroom at 9am this morning eating my porridge from a Sesame Street bowl I was already dreaming of 6 o'clock when I could put my coat back on and go home.
Wishing my life away, in effect.

When that golden hour arrived and I rushed out of the school and onto the subway with my mind set on getting home and putting my yoga pants and the kettle on I didn't stop to people watch, to reflect on my day, to be present. 

It was only when I exited the subway and was stricken by this beautiful, whipped pastel dream of a sunset that I stopped, stood, appreciated and contemplated.
One moment, in my entire day, that I did that.

And that, friends, wrapped a great blanket of melancholy around me.
Because I realized in that one solitary moment that I have been failing miserably in two of my aspirations for this year; learn to be more present and in the moment and practice mindfulness.

I shouldn't chase the sunset.
I should be present for all of the moments in between me getting out of bed in the morning up until I see that sunset.
I shouldn't count the minutes but be an active observer of them: paying attention to every emotion, every sight, sound and smell. Every child's smile or teacher's words, every 5 year old's hug or the way the light reflection changes through the window with the passing hours.

What a sad thing to let these moments pass by unnoticed, to let them fade un-acknowledged and unappreciated into another Monday 'done and dusted'.

It sounds so easy.
Tomorrow I will try harder.


  1. You're such a cutie pie! Love that pic of you. xo

  2. I love that picture of you too! And I love that you have an elmo bowl, super cute. I hope you are able to live more in the present :)

    1. The kids school cutlery is the best, porridge somehow tastes better out of an Elmo bowl!

  3. Oh gosh, it's so hard not to wish your life away when you feel obliged/stuck/beholden to something. I do the same thing, all the time. Good luck, I need some too!

    1. Absolutely Shell, thanks for the solidarity ^.^ x

  4. I love this post. <3 Monday's are my favorite day of the entire week. I think one of my soul words should be "savor." Because I do, or at least try to, savor everything. The smell of food, the taste of food, the texture. The feel of the air, the scent, the memories. Etc., etc. I am so happy that you will be practicing savoring, enjoying and living in the moment and I wish you many, many, many happy moments.

    1. I really needed to hear that, thank you Angie! I'm really lacking in inspiration in this part of my life so thanks for spurring me on x x