Wednesday, 13 March 2013

strawberries and turquoise

Smells Like Teen Spirit by Patti Smith on Grooveshark

After Monday's post I have been making small and conscious efforts to savor the tiny and precious moments during my day which I would have otherwise let slip into the part of my brain that doesn't retain memories.

Today as I travelled home from work I studied the faces of the people I shared my subway carriage with, I noticed the pretty turquoise pattern of the subway station's floor tiles, the ornate window grill, the fresh strawberries for sale on the street.

I'm having a little strawberry floor picnic as I type this, taking the time to experience the taste and texture of each one as I sit here typing and listening to Patti Smith. Really listening, taking in the lyrics, gleaning what I can from them. Because this is another of my faults; when I hear music I don't make the effort to absorb the words, instead letting the melody wash in to one ear and out of the other.

Mindfulness is on my mind.
Can you tell?
I'm working on it and it feels pretty good.
Thanks to all for your words of encouragement.
I savor them as much as these strawberries.


  1. Those strawberries look so good! It's really important to remember the little things of the everyday!

  2. Right Milynn, but often so hard to remember to do! >.<

  3. Fresh strawberries are an amazing food to savor. Love 'em! I love that you're doing this, and talking about it. So sweet, and such a good feeling to hear the experiences of other ladies. <3

    1. This post was inspired by your soul word Angie ^.^