Sunday, 3 March 2013

little family

Friday nights are for friends and food, bars that allow music requests, painting the boys lips with lipgloss and laughter.
Big, big belly laughs that spill tears from the eyes and hurt the stomach muscles.
We started at the coffee shop and moved on to a local haunt to celebrate two of our dear co-workers departure from our school. 
We had a strange diet of squid and sausage, beer from the tap and requests ranging from Christina Aguilera to The Kinks.
I love my sweet-spirited Noonas (sisters) so much~ and damn but aren't they gorgeous??!


  1. These types of friday nights are the best!

  2. these are the best times ever

  3. Looks like so much fun! ^____^

  4. So cute and so fun! Do you teach in Korea? I am teaching in Japan! I have had my fair share of squid and sausage, too :)

    Have a bright day and stay warm!

    1. Hey Melissa, yes I teach Kindie kids out here! It's tough but so rewarding as I'm sure you understand ^.^ thanks so much for your comment! X