Tuesday, 5 March 2013


⋙⋙⋙ reading⋙⋙⋙


I've just ordered a beautiful deck of Tarot cards and a book on how to read.
I had a very interesting first experience with Tarot reading earlier this year and so far every last thing the reader predicted for me has blossomed into a reality.
The future is and should be the wild unknown, but it can't harm to pull out the map and compass and try and explore it a little can it?
Even if I the cards don't show me anything or the right side of my brain ends up rejecting the concept of readings I'll be happy just to own these cards for the sake of their beauty and mystique.

⋙⋙⋙ planning⋙⋙⋙

To catch up with an old beardy-weirdy friend and ex-cohort and a beautiful gal I've only know through the internet but have managed to magically bond with somehow online.
I can't wait to see them and introduce them to new stomping grounds and make a weekend-load's worth of memories.

⋙⋙⋙ watching⋙⋙⋙

My current tv candy is the exceptional HBO series 'Girls'.
I'm in love with Lena Dunham and how she sticks her two middle fingers up at the stereotypical female body type.
I listened to Robyn's 'Dancing On My Own' on repeat for about a week after watching the episode where Hannah starts jamming out to it while tweeting.
Jessa is one of the most amazing tv characters written. To quote: 
""I'm going to look 50 when I'm 30, I'm going to be so fucking fat like Nico, you know why? Because I'm going to be full of experiences."
A to the men.

⋙⋙⋙ eating⋙⋙⋙

Big ol' mugs of hot British tea and toast dripping with butter and marmalade.
Tastes like home sweet home.

⋙⋙⋙ writing⋙⋙⋙

Lately I've been trying to spend less time typing and more time putting ink to paper.
My first love has always been writing stories and I've been scratching out a few picture and idea mood boards in my notebook for a short story idea I've had.

⋙⋙⋙ listening⋙⋙⋙

{{Stevie Nicks and Christine McVie}}
I've been going rock-steady this past month or so. 
Blasting out eclectic sessions that leave drum-beats on my soul...
Jimmi, The Stones, Janis and Stevie Nicks have all been hollering from my speakers and shaking up this gal to her core.

⋙⋙⋙ learning⋙⋙⋙

"Sometimes the healing is in the aching."
.. ▻▻▻◈◅◅◅ ..


  1. Thanks for the reminder to dig out my deck of tarot cards!! I love the show Girls too and whenever a Fleetwood Mac song comes on the radio I have to raise the volume!!


    1. Hi Chloe! Thanks for finding my blog, I'm following yours now~ loved reading about all your quirks ^.^

  2. i freekin' love your blog. and girls. omg, it's so good. great imagery, great ideas, i need to get pen to paper a little more often myself.
    oh, also, i tagged you for a liebster blog award if you're interested in partaking: http://laurengaston.blogspot.com/2013/03/liebster-blog-award.html

    1. Haha! Guess what? I freekin love your blog too! LOVE the layout! Thank you so much for stopping by with sweet words xxx

  3. I love tarot reading!!! My preferred deck is the Halloween Tarot. Right now I am using a Dragon Tarot deck. I saw one on InstaGram that I must, must, must find the brand of. It was BEAUTIFUL!!!

    1. I may be picking your brains for some reading tips soon Angie ~~ x