Tuesday, 10 April 2012

april showers

It must be quite dull around these parts because Spring seems to have decided to move out and do her thing elsewhere. She's turned her back on us completely the last week or so and Misters wind and rain have stepped in to pound away at our window panes instead. Well, the windows are locked you two, you're not welcome around here! I've decided to see their arrival as an open invitation for me to spend all day in my pyjamas, which I actually don't mind at all :)

Today my Pop surprised me with the hot cross buns I was hankering for on Easter Sunday. He's a gem. I toasted and buttered and wolfed these guys down with a big cup of tea and the puzzle page of the morning paper :)

I've also been keeping my fingers busy making these super simple pencil eraser stamps and dreaming up crafty ideas for a gift for my Mom's birthday in a few weeks. There's so many amazing tutorials online. I just wish I owned a sewing machine.
And knew how to use it!


  1. Those stamps are so cute! I am so making those!


  2. Aren't they? and so cheap and easy!
    Thanks for stopping by ^.^