Friday, 6 April 2012

book worm.

Ever since I was a pony-tailed kiddo I've always been a bookish kind of a character. My Mom still teases me about locking myself away in the bathroom for periods of time carting a book along under my arm.
Well, I sure don't do that any more!
 But my love of all things literary has followed me into adulthood and I still love nothing more than tumbling Alice-style into the unknown worlds hidden between the covers of a book.
Earlier this week I got a real treat and took my first step into a library in more than two years (living in Korea put a stop to such excursions) and I felt such a lovely familiarity in the place. All libraries are alike with their old-book smells, hushed ambience and the sound of slowly turning pages. I'd love to have been a bookstore clerk or librarian, I definately would be the kind that rocked horn-rimmed glasses :)
I wanted to spend hours in there gliding through the rows and rows of bookshelves, taking my time and reading a few back covers, but with my Mom waiting in the car I had to quickly decide on three and rent them out with my grandmother's library card.
Since then I've spent cosy hours creating warm recesses on the bed covers and getting aquainted with heady new characters, colorful languages and images ripe with thick and thin beauty.
My long days of solitude are almost to an end.
 I can't think of a better way of passing them.

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