Monday, 9 April 2012

speckled and sugar coated

                                                  Armageddon Song by The Dutchess & the Duke on Grooveshark

 It sure doesn't matter how old I get. Easter eggs still make me happy as a clam :)
Yesterday was full of family breakfast dates, desert eating, watching Mary Poppins on tv and minding a hyperactive 6 year old cousin on chocolate egg overload!.
I missed out on the hot cross buns because the shop was out but I'll sneak a few in later on in the week, I'm sure Easter won't mind.
I'll be keeping a few little eggs aside for my loved one who isn't here (*makes side-eyes at the Atlantic ocean*) but I'm sure they'll keep untill we meet again. x

Last night my cousin Christine and I went out on the town in Monaghan for a few drinks. After spending so much time hermitting indoors it always feels extra good to put on some lipstick and heels and let my hair down a little.
I perhaps let it down a little too far as I have just a bit of a cosmopolitan hangover today! I see a date with the couch, lots of peppermint tea and some Woody Allen movies in my future :)

Happy Bank Holiday weekend all!

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