Monday, 24 September 2012

A date with myself


 This Saturday I found myself flying solo as Dallas was down with a touch of something which kept him duvet-covered for most of the weekend. The weather was calm and clement and I didn't feel like staying caged up inside so I snuck out on a little date with myself.  Hongdae Freemarket was the first stop~ I had had my eye on those ladies who take your photo and make a pencilled illustration of you for 10,000 won. Here is how mine turned out...I actually had my legs crossed when I posed but the picture looks like I have em spread open wide! Oh dear! A nice little memento, but I may be back for a second shot at one of these!


My second stop was the Hongik University Art store. It was my first visit and I think I have found my safe haven. This place is huge and packed to the rafters with every craft supply imaginable- from stamps to jewellery making, canvas totes and fabric pens. I was like Lou- Lou in Wonderland, I had a basket filled within about 5 minutes which means...plenty of DIY's coming up so stay tuned ^^

It was a great morning out. Just me, myself and I, moseying around, touching trinkets at the freemarket, breathing in deep and connecting with my thoughts. I think some quality alone time is definately good for the soul...

....but then I get home to this guy and want to put my pajamas back on and koala bear hug him the rest of the evening ^^

We watched 'Moonrise Kingdom' finally. Beautiful Wes Anderson filmography as ever, but our favourite yet? Hmm, the juries out. What did you think?


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend of wanders! I never got a portrait drawn at the Hongdae market, and now I kind of regret it - even with the splayed legs!

    It's looking more and more like I'll be heading back to Seoul after the year in Phnom Penh, and I'm going to have to keep that art store in mind. Looks like serious business. Can't wait to see your DIY's!

    P.S. Watching Moonrise Kingdom tonight - excited that you consider it even potentially rivaling Wes Anderson's other amazing pics!

  2. If you come to Seoul we should meet up and do crafty stuff together^^ I wish Whitney would still be here but her and A keep threatening to move to Japan and leave us :(

    Let me know what you thought of moonrise kingdom~ no WA film can replace tenenbaums or life aquatic in my heart but I think this one was definitely better than fantastic mr fox >.<