Friday, 21 September 2012

3 little things

Life seems to have moved at a snails pace around here these past few and certain things have come to all but a stand-still. Maybe it's the drizzly grizzly outdoors and the nights drawing in quicker each day.
 Half-finished craft projects are lying around our apartment and getting underfoot. 
A sad and lonely pair of running shoes have laid unworn by the door for a week 2 weeks. 
A bunch of browning bananas have yielded not  the delicious bread I was supposed to conjure with them, rather a family of fruit flies intent on squatting in our kitchen. 

Time for a new season shake-up I think and for ringing in the Autumn with a side of productivity.
I'll start by un-focusing on the un-finished and un-done and rather up-rooting and re-planting my good intentions for the coming months.

These 3 little things right here are a great start.

1. Snail mail/Pen-pals 

I adore snail mail. Giving it, recieving it. I have a whole box of old letters from my old school friends at home. Yes, school friends, as in we would write letters to eachother at home and give them to each other the next day at school! These were so much fun because we would slip little doo dads into the envelopes along with the letters such as photobooth pictures, cute stickers and pretty notepapers.
 I'm pushing 30 and I still haven't grown out of this tradition!
2 letters from dear sweet friends at home arrived in the last week and I'm having the best time putting together cute handwritten replies that they will enjoy opening when they land on their doormats.

2. 'A Beautiful Mess' Blogging e-course

Myself and my friend Whit have had our eye on Elsie's Blog Love e-course. With us both being relatively new to the blogging game we felt a little advice from a seasoned blogging pro could go a long way. I promised Whit I woud  gift her the course for her birthday and I decided to throw another in the cart for myself. These nights I'm having the best time reading through her chapters, pen in hand, and journaling all the great tips she has for a little baby blog such as mine!

3. Making things grow!

No one, and I mean no one was a surprised as me when my potted basil and coriander seeds up and sprouted one week after I planted them! 
These are two of my favourite herbs and sorely hard to find here in South K so I decided to bring a couple of packets of seeds over with me this year with little hope I could ever succesfully grow something as fine as a herb by myself. 
Prest-o chang-o and whadya know...two pots of healthily sprouting..... something. I forgot which pot I planted the basil and the coriander in and it's impossible to tell them apart right now.
Any clues fellow herb growers?

Happy mid-week Sailors ^^


  1. 1. I'm so jealous that you have herbs. All of mine have died. 2. I think that's basil on the left? 3. You have just reminded me to get to work on that e-course! I took a break while sick, and I've missed it. Such a lovely, functional b-day gift! Thank you again!! ^^

    1. my pleasure missy! I assumed it was that top soil you gave me which did the trick- or maybe the ton of sunlight they get from that high window everyday. Anyway, I wish I brought more seeds over I could give to you! Although I do have a bundle of scented spices coming your way soon ^^