Sunday, 30 September 2012

Woody Allen and Angry Cherokees

 Here's me looking wistfully off to the left for the obligatory blog shot. 
I must confess I'm not the most natural or comfortable in front of the lens but I feel I should put my face on here every once in a while ^^

Yesterday was full of good things. 
It was a Dallas and Lou day (my favorite kind of day) which started with some lite DIY for some picture frames we're preparing to hang up, a late afternoon walk through Hongdae hand in hand and big beefy cheese & bacon burgers at Shamrock pub overseen by a very angry looking Cherokee
(I don't think he was happy about being hung on the wall of a bar that clearly clashed with his heritage >.<)

We ran in to a Korean friend while we were eating and the three of us headed over to the art cinema in Sangsangmadang to watch the Woody Allen documentary. Woody is one of my favorite directors and the documentary was interesting and hilarious- can you believe he still types all of his movie scripts out on a typewriter? Incredible!

We followed the movie with drinks, classical music and film discussions at the underground stereo bar where I had a lovely surprise when i checked my iPhone and saw I had a shout out from the delightful fellow ex-pat blogger Our Dear Lady Expatriate....clickety click and read about her wonderful adventures in the beautiful land of Cambodia. 
Thank you for the love dear lady!
A fine Sunday if you ask me! How was your Sunday sailors?

Stay tuned for a crafty DIY coming up later today plus I'll introduce you to your new favorite band 

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  1. Eeee - so glad you got a kick out of the shoutout, my dear! It was a sincere one - really am enjoying every post from your blog. It's definitely one I check for whenever I pop open my reader :)

    Sounds like a fully lovely day. I miss the way that dark music bars in Seoul can inspire some of the best convos.

    Cheers, my dear!