Monday, 17 September 2012

cinnamon & spice

 At some point in the last week Fall was no longer just in the air and it literally fell upon us. I officially realized this yesterday morning when I happened upon this enormous beautiful burnt orange leaf on the sidewalk on my way to school. My secret dreams for a long Indian summer have now been brushed aside in the wake of burnt & crispy tree trinkets raining down on the streets outside.
Nature's color palette is informing me we are no longer in the in-betweeny stage of the two,  vivid greens and olives have given way to vibrant oranges, brown sugars and honey yellows.

 Tomato soup and long sleeved cardigan weather is upon us and I say it's about time I embraced it!

 Saturday offered a warm but brief sanctuary from the crispy autumn air and the sun stayed out long enough for me to enjoy a morning break in Itaewon. I managed to find the High Street Market store which has been on my go-to list for the longest time and it didn't disappoint in the least. Imagine every comfort food from home you'd given up ever expecting to find in Korea. It's all here. Deli meat, sour cream, hummus, red velvet cake, sun dried tomatoes. The (Western) girl behind the counter was so warm and frendly and even told me to suggest to her anything I can't find and they will try to get it in (hello dark chocolate with sea salt).
I ordered a latte and I finally managed to try a vegan muffin made by Mipa from the Alien's Day Out blog. Simply delicious! 
I left with a bottle of almond milk and hopped over to the international food mart to pick up some spices for an extra special recipe I will be posting very soon. Let the title of this post be your clue, haha!

After Itaewon I hopped, skipped and jumped (I took the subway will just never sound as fun) to Hongdae for lunch with the boy and a trip to the Homi Art Shop for some craft supplies. I have several projects up my sleeve which I'm looking forward to sharing with you.

& finally, speaking of sleeves, Dallas very sweetly put together a CD compilation for my Pop's birthday and here I designed a sleeve for the CD case. Here it is, it's called 'Howling at the Moon' and the teepee sketch has me ten shades of itching to get one tattooed somewhere on my person.

                                                                    Happy Fall friends!


  1. Pretty packaging!! What flavor muffin did you try?

  2. I love love her artwork!!- so cute. The muffin was chocolate chip... moist, rich and delicious. & she bakes it all from her little K-Style kitchen. Completely inspiring me to buy an apron, oven cloves & cookie cutters >.<

  3. Ah! thank you tons for this awesome review! Made me super happy to read. You should definitely get an oven! I use an electric oven that is a bit bigger than a toaster oven... hahaha. Someday I'm going to have to get a real one, but for now it works! you can see a picture of it here.

  4. Thank you little lady! & I think you just solved my 'what's for dinner tonight?' conundrum as I have tortillas in my freezer >.<