Thursday, 20 September 2012

Recipe box~ Chocolate Chip Coconut Banana Bread

So here is my basic little apartment kitchen.
 It's more of an after-thought than a kitchen really ... like the builders finished up the rest of  the apartment, were left with a small nook they didn't know what to do with so they inserted a few cabinets and a hot plate and voila! Here is your kitchen!
Sometimes when I bake in this bite size corner I feel like a Barbie doll using one of those kiddo role-play kitchens!
But I digress. Last night I put my toy oven, whoops, toaster oven to good baking use and baked the banana bread I've been promising myself for weeks.
It turned out pretty good for my first time-even if it was a little dumpy and crispy looking.
 It still had a sweet, gooey, coconut-y inside that went down a dream with an ice-cold glass of milk.

Squint your eyes here or follow the link for this recipe

Here is my terrible attempt at food photography, however it was midnight and I couldn't turn the big light on because of a certain sleeping boyfriend ^^

Something about baking up sweet things in an oven is good for the soul- even if it turns out looking lumpy-dumpy and not something Martha Stewart would produce. If they're made with love..who cares, right??

Happy Friday loves!!


  1. I totally agree that it's the taste that matters! I think I baked seven loaves before I had one that turned out pretty. The trick was tinkering with the oven temp each and every time, and using baking paper instead of greasing the pan (at least in my case it was- I kept burning them on the bottom!) Did you get the coconut at Home Plus?

  2. Yes! I think I need to buy one of those temperature gages to go inside the oven because I had quite the opposite problem to you...the top burnt pretty quickly while the bottom turned out perfect!

    yes the homeplus baking section sells little packets of coconut shavings and mini choc chips...x