Thursday, 28 February 2013

we all march on

February 2013 is a month I won't be sorry to turn my back on.
It left an aching hole in my heart and in my apartment that can't ever be refilled.
It left scars, emotional and physical.
It left circled dates on my calendar that are not of the romantic variety.
We all have bad years and bad months, upheavals in our lives.
Right now it feels like someone changed the record and I don't know how to move my feet to this new and unfamiliar beat.
But the band must march on.
I want to begin this new month with positivity and intention.
Dallas and I are lucky enough to have nurtured a healthy friendship despite the break-up... that is a huge blessing to me. 
Friends were sacrificed, but they left space for focus on new and healthier friendships.
My korean noonas and friends from home have created a circle of love and support around me...and  it tugs and tugs at my bruised heart to know how lucky I am to have them.
There is a lot to mourn, but so much more to be thankful for.
This one goes out to the heart tuggers and how I couldn't have got through this without them.


  1. What a lovely calender!

    1. I know, I love it! Korea has the most delicious paper goods ^.^

  2. I'm so sorry to her that hun, I hope you are doing ok. xoxo lots of love from down under, babs