Monday, 1 October 2012

DIY~ Navajo patterned pencil case

 Good Monday to you all! 
Here in Korea it's the Chuseok holiday (their Thanksgiving) which means a blissful half week holiday from work. Eep!!
Things are pretty sleepy around these parts today. Dallas is napping in the sun that's shining in through the window like a big ol' cat and I'm sitting Indian style on the floor doing my 2 favorite past times: crafting and drinking good tea ^^

Before I move on to the DIY I want to share a new band with you.. 'Wild Belles'.  Dallas discovered them through Spotify and I just cant get enough of their sound. 
Press play for some good fun in your eardrums...^^

 Now to the crafty bit.
During this trip to my favorite place in the world i picked up a plain canvas pencil case for the equivalent of a dollar and an assortment of fabric marker pens.
I knew I wanted to create a pencil case with a Navajo design and this is where I got the pinspiration for the pattern.

1. Assemble your materials: fabric markers, canvas pencil case, a ruler and a pencil.
2. I made a template of the design pattern I wanted on card stock first with a pencil and ruler.
3. Next, cut out your template and trace around it onto the canvas with a pencil, also adding in details by hand.
4. Start coloring! Be careful with fabric markers as the colors will bleed into each other a bit and I had to do a couple of coats of coloring to get the desired bold color effect. 
5. Introduce your (in my case) beloved stationery to their purdy new home!

 If you try this I'd love to see your version! Leave your link in the comments below!
Happy crafting!


  1. VERY PRETTY! I love colors on my purse and pouches. I wonder where I'll find some fabric pens.

    1. Thank you so much ( ˘ ³˘)♥
      Are there art or crafty stores anywhere in Mumbai? X