Monday, 13 May 2013

a blueberry pancake kind of day

I woke up today with the notion that this was a blueberry pancakes for breakfast kind of a day.
When your notions speak to you in the morning I find it's best you mind them because then the day might finish and no blueberry pancake batter will be chilling in the fridge ready for round two tomorrow!
I'm a sucker for little blueberries, they're like sweet little reminders that Summer is waiting just around the corner.

This little dog of ours is both sweet and irascible depending on which way the wind is blowing.
Here she is giving my feet a good wash...
this is after she pulled both my socks off  and murdered them with her bare teeth ^.^
She's a character, our little fat bellied baby, my favourite is when she's all sleepy from play and she conks out on her back like a human heart melts!

Tonight I'm packing my bags for a short trip North to my great grandmother's cottage in Donegal.
I love escaping to this part of Ireland, there's so much of the country's original, untouched landscapes, glens and white sandy beaches to explore.

Except if it rains. Which it probably will. If so an open fire, books and board games are all to be seen in my tea leaves!!

See you in a few days!


  1. <3 Have a wonderful time, my friend. Also, your pupper is so, so so sweet and downright gorgeous!

  2. i'm hoping it doesn't rain! Those pancakes look delish I think you're gonna have to whip me up some batter soon! :) x

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  4. I love that pic! I want like every clothing item on that blanket:)



  5. Oh hey look at that, we're shoe twins! :)

  6. Oh yummmmm those pancakes look delectable!

    1. There are definitely times when nothing else will do at all ^.~