Monday, 20 May 2013

sunday's child

At 4 months old our Jess is a detergent ball playin', gift wrap helpin', window washer watchin', growlin', teethin', toilet trainin', foot lickin' dose of love.

I've been a forever dog person, long, long before we ever even owned one (I was around 13 when we got our first Westie, Peppy), I've always had an affinity with dogs. 
I think it's because they are capable of displaying and responding to affection and me being a very tactile person, I just adore the love they are capable of giving.
And one look into those deep liquid brown eyes and you can have a whole conversation with your pooch. There's a wealth of understanding in those eyes of theirs, sounds strange but fellow dog owners will agree!
My ultimate breed of choice would be a British bulldog. Named Buddha.
Not that I over-plan or anything ^.^

Yesterday we had some family over to celebrate my Aunt's 80th birthday~ I love this snap of me with my Pops. His belly laugh is one of the best sounds in the world ^.^
I made my speciality dessert; a boozy Bailey's chocolate cheesecake for the event, a sinful indulgence which is made only on special occasions.
  My Mom and I definitely do not orchestrate special occasions just so we can make the cheesecake. Oh no.

I was over the moon when Artful Blogging magazine asked if they could use my blog header in their 'Banners We Love' feature in their Summer issue.
Today I'm reading it curled up with leftover cheesecake and good strong chai tea.
I've been asked a few times about who designed my header, while I came up with the initial design I was helped by the lovely Savannah at Oh So Pretty to tweak it and bring it into fruition. I highly recommend her for anyone looking to design their own blog template~ she was wonderful to work with >.<


  1. oh, that magazine looks so neat! and that cheesecake looks so wonderful!

    lindsey louise

  2. Um, recipe for that cheesecake PLEASE?! Your little pup, oh man. <3 So adorable. Congrats on being featured in Artful Blogger! I've never heard of them, so I must go check out their site. :D I love a good magazine!

    1. Thanks for giving me another excuse to make the cheesecake Angie, I will def do a recipe post soon!

  3. P.S. Artful Blogging* I hate typos.

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  5. SO MUCH CUTE! Your puppy just made me smile! :)