Thursday, 2 May 2013

london trip//borough food market

My first day in London I scooped my cousin Finn out of work early and we took ourselves to the beautifully archaic London Borough Market, a unique corner of the capital which is also one of London's oldest marketplaces.

Walking in to the market is like stepping into a time capsule and each stall is beautifully arranged with seasonal, gourmet fare.

It's a one stop shop for foodies, traders, restauranteurs and cafe owners to source delicious artisan cheeses, bread, meats, pastries, wine and every tasty morsel under the sun.

We spent a few golden hours wandering through the market, fingering goose eggs, sampling cheeses and chutneys and hot tea brewed up right in front of us.
We lunched on pancetta with mozzarella and tomatoes out in the afternoon sun surrounded by the bustle of tourists and baby strollers and the smell of fresh chorizo.
My favorite stalls were the ones laden with beautifully packaged tea leaves and the fabulous meat and game pies. I scooped up some organic chai tea and a wedge of goats cheese salami which may or may not reside in my belly now.

If you ever find yourself in Southwark on a lazy Friday afternoon this is the place to be.

We ended the day with a trip to the Cortauld museum on the Strand for a viewing of the Picasso exhibition.
I was quite taken with his early pieces showing bawdy can-can dancers and absinthe drinking patrons of early twentieth century Parisian cafes.

It was a day of good food and culture and stepping back in time to old Paris and London.
What more do you need from an afternoon?



  1. those photos are great!! and GOOSE EGGS?! holy cow. i was in london for a few days last summer and kept meaning to go here but was just too exhausted from running around to other places!

    1. The goose eggs were incredible, we scrambled them for breakfast the next day ^.~

  2. Amazing pics! I wish I knew about this on my trip to London, makes me want to go back! Love your blog:)


    1. Thank you so much Andrea~ your blog is lovely too!

  3. I work at Southwark and all my money goes to Borough market. I love it! Those goose eggs are HUGE! Do you think you could soft boil one and use it to dip soldiers in?? I'm going to have to try this... I'm going to need some pretty big soldiers!

    1. I think you can definitely soft boil them~ egg and soliders are one of my favorite breakfasts! x