Friday, 3 May 2013

london trip// turning thirty

Turning Thirty was a breeze for this gal, of course it helped that she was spoiled with the company of some very special people ^.^

The rainy weather (and too long taken to gussy ourselves up) caused us to veto our planned Jack the Ripper walk. Instead we raised our umbrellas and headed east for a stroll in Brick Lane.

We wandered through cobbled streets, touched railed clothing in vintage shops and toasted my birthday over fresh mint teas.

Later in the evening we returned for a long awaited Indian curry~ oh how I've craved a good curry with coconut rice and almond pashwari naan!!

We closed the evening at a beautifully ramshackle hole- in-the-wall hookah bar surreptitiously recommended to us by the waiter in the curry house.

We blew apple and mint flavored smoke bubbles and listened to some great 90's R & B until the clock struck midnight.

Here's the birthday breakfast rustled up for me by my cousin that morning using the goose eggs and walnut bread we bought from Borough Market the previous day.

How thankful I am for beautiful family and friends to add a bit of sugar to my birthday cake!



  1. looks like a fun trip, especially the huka ;)

  2. Eeee! Happy BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Sorry I am just now seeing this, had a rough week! I love hookah smoking. Jen and I have our own hookah, and we smoke while relaxing, online, whatever. ^_^ I hope you enjoyed 'tis!!! May you have a FABULOUS year! <3

  3. Sorry to hear you've had a rough week Angie, I hope everything has settled for you now? That's so fun you own your own hookah! I briefly owned one in Korea but it got trashed when i moved apartments~ a desicion i regret now!

  4. Hookah! LOVE hookah. Brought mine with me when I moved to PR --- I just love this activity haha. Coconut sheesha is my favorite!

    1. Ho Mama, coconut is my favourite flavour ANYTHING! I've never come across coconut flavoured shisha before~ thanks for the heads up I will definitely be asking for it next time!!