Tuesday, 7 May 2013

london trip// roll up! roll up!

Come one, come all,
to the majestic circus show!

The circus was in town while I was staying in London so on Sunday afternoon we took ourselves out to see the show.

I popped my circus cherry at the same time and also learned that you are NEVER too old for the circus ^.^

From the minute we spied the big top from the car window to the old timey popcorn and candyfloss vendors, the whole event was a great day out... we did lots of ooh and aahing at the contortionists and trapeze artists, snickering at the clown acts and we clapped and clapped till our hands were sore at the aerial silk performer (my personal favorite).

I got so carried away with the magic of it all...the whole day left me wanting to run away with the circus and spend every day spinning around in the air on ribbons and wearing a sparkly leotard...

And what better way to end a Sunday than with sausage,mash and onion gravy and sticky toffee pudding at the local pub?

It's hungry work, that circus biz!


  1. Beautiful follow us!


  2. i was always terrifed of the circus when i was younger mainly because there were clowns. but these images are lovely and i love the london feel. now i want to go!

    1. Poor clowns, I think they suffer from bad press...they're jolly old souls at heart ^.~ x x