Friday, 5 July 2013


I'd like for you to meet my new special someone.
This little fawn-colored pompom with legs is Buddy and he is the newest recruit in our household.
He was sold to us as a Maltipoo, the same breed as our sweet girl Millie who we sadly lost after only a week. However the vet seems to think he is half Maltese and half Shitzu. So what does that make him~ a Maltishit?? 

Oh dear! Well, whatever he is, we are smitten with him. 
My Dad wanted to name him Walter, so we would have Walter and Jessie like the two main characters in Breaking Bad, but my Mom vetoed it and we all settled on Buddy.

Jess is 5 months old now and a lot more sensible so she is being very good at tolerating this sassy little guy all up in her personal space. Buddy has a mean case of 'bite worse than his bark'~ he has the girliest little scream/bark but watch out for those piranha teeth- oosh!

I remember Jess was the same at is age, we all loved her best when she was sleepy because that's when you can sneak in a few cuddles before they get all squirmy and want to get to the toys on the floor.

He's proving much easier to train though and homeboy already has a good handle on peeing on the paper.
Does that really justify me making him dance for his supper though??

hee hee!

Buddy says "Happy Friday Loves!"


  1. Congrats on your new little love! He's a cutie pie!

    1. He literally makes me grin from ear to ear, such a treasure!

  2. Replies
    1. All I can do is agree! Thank you Maria love! x

  3. He is PRECIOUS! I giggled over Maltishit and shared with Jen. ^_^ We both think he's beyond adorable. So lucky, your little family, is! Thank you for sharing, Buddy and for giving him so much love, cuddling and a family who will take great care of him!

    1. I know, it's such an unflattering name, I almost can't blame the sellers for trying to hide it! hey ho, he's still our boy, even if he is a little shit, ha! x