Wednesday, 10 July 2013

What She Ate// By the Campfire

Here is my humble edition to Stacy from Let it Unravel's 'What She Ate' link up.
The theme this week was 'By the Campfire' and while I missed out on seeing the Rolling Stones at Glastonbury this year (boo) we have been having lots of barbeque weather here on the green emerald isle lately (yay).

So while I technically didn't cook this over a campfire, it was grilled and it is now your new favourite campfire/barbeque dessert.

Barbequed banana split stuffed with dark chocolate chunks, flaked almonds and coconut yoghurt.
The execution is the easy part, no method required here really, just barbeque the banana on each side for 5 - 10 minutes before splitting the skin and forking in the fillings.
Now, trying to capture a photograph of something like that which doesn't look like old turd was the real challenge in this scenario, haha!
{and one that I epically failed at, at that!}

But when you have sweet melted chocolate around your mouth and licking fingers still sticky with soft banana and coconut yoghurt you won't really care what the dish looks like.... because it tastes like heaven ^.^

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  1. Oh this sounds delightful!!! You're right, it does look like turd, though. HA!

    1. ha ha ha! I think it's decided then, there is no way a photo of a blackened banana is going to look like anything other than turd, no matter how much you dress it up. Ack! x

  2. Ha ha ha! I had that with my rhubarb compote post! I kept trying to figure out how I could photograph it so it didn't look like dog poo... ;)

    1. I remember that post Freya, your crumble did in no way look like dog poo it looked delicious!!~ I recall lusting after your big vintage-looking oven dish too >.<

  3. Ahaha! I hate when DELICIOUS things don't look pretty, because the whole if it's pretty it tastes better thing isn't TRUE. I can't wait to this hot mess in front of me, even if it looks like a turd.

    1. Aww, you girls are getting me all bleary eyed over here! Thank you for supporting my dessert even though it looks like dog-poo, haha!! Crystal, you're an absolute sweetheart, BIG KISSES! xx