Saturday, 27 July 2013

don't mind if I do, Mercury

Are we all here? Everyone make it out alive?
You're here reading this so I'm guessing that you did but I'd just go ahead and check your wit and wisdoms are all in order if I were you.
In case you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about, until a week ago Mercury was in retrograde.

For us earthly folk this occurrence signals all manner of personal and professional jiggery pokery.
Since the planet Mercury symbolises truth, travel, communication and clear thinking and when a planet goes 'retrograde' it appears to travel backwards in the sky, these things can start to go a bit cuckoo bananas for some us. A bit of a planetary shit storm if you will.

Scan back in your memory between June 26th and July 20th. Anything seem a bit "off" to you?
Were you feeling cloudy and tongue-tied? Experienced problems with travel plans or electrical equipment?
Trouble communicating in your relationship or on the receiving end of wrong information in your personal life?
These are all effects of the pandemonium caused by that little silver planet going retrograde.

BUT, my sources tell me, Mercury in retrograde can also present an opportunity for major emotional and intellectual breakthroughs. A chance for us to, essentially, "get our karmic shit together".

During those weeks that the cosmos spent tripping out I spent a lot of time walking the back-roads behind our house at the magic hour, catching some terrific captures of the sun sinking down behind the treetops along the way. As I pounded the pavements, listened to my music and drank in the sunsets I had ample time to think. To mull over my past and ponder on my future and mentally karate chop some of the doubts and fears holding me back from moving forward.

The outcome? I have a one-way plane ticket booked for London Gatwick in a few weeks time.
It's been nigh on four years since I last lived in the Big Smoke and my heart swells whenever I think about moving back.
So many haunts to revisit, streets to trample down, curry houses to frequent.

How do I begin to describe London? I'd say it's a bit like trying to grab hold of the wind... but here are a few snapshots of my favourite bits + pieces from the place that I am, once again, proud to call home...

<<Brick Lane>>

{{The Shampan curry house on Brick Lane~favourite ^.^}}

When I was 25 years old I announced to my Mom that I was finally ready to fly the coop. A week later I had moved in to a teeny wee bedsit in a tower block near the bottom of the infamous Brick Lane in East London. 

While it can err on the side of being too urban/hipster for it's own good, I will always and forever love this little corner of London for it's utter and unapologetic diversity. You can walk through a multitude of cultures, colors, styles, foods and tastes on just one single cobble-stoned street.

 Pop-up vintage markets and street festivals, book stands and street food riddle Brick Lane on the weekends and you can treat you retinas to Banksy art and graffitied walls, your taste buds to curry house fare and bagel stores and your ear drums to boom-boxed jazz to live Jamaican kettle drums.

In particular I can't wait to refresh myself after an afternoon's browsing with a mint tea in one of the several spit-n-sawdust tea rooms where you can take your pick from worn leather armchairs or Indian-style floor pillows. As I said, diversity definitely is the key word where Brick Lane is concerned!!

<<Notting Hill Carnival>>
I'm seriously happy that I will be back in London this year in time for the annual carnival in the streets of Notting Hill. 
Sequins and jerk chicken and calypso music, oh my!!

Plus the local upper crust loosen up for a few days and throw open the windows of their million pound apartments to have jamming sessions on their windowsills.

Can't beat that, friends!

<<London Fields Park>>
The sunshine suits London to a T and she wears it like a slutty dress.
The only thing to do when the summer is doing what it does best is to pack a picnic and go people watch in the green grass of London Fields. 
Strawberries, clotted cream and scones are non-negotiable!

If it's possible I just made myself even more excited to return!

So thank you for the mind-buzz, Mercury. An open invitation to take your future bull by the horns? Don't mind if I do!

London's calling...
Toot Toot!!


  1. Great pics darling!
    love your blog so much!
    btw did you ever recieve my mail? hope you like it!

    1. You didn't get my reply yet?? Oh noes :(
      Sending you an email love xx

  2. Just came across your blog somehow through the "Weekly Wishes" link up and I LOVE IT. Such inspiring, beautiful images. A feast for the senses. Love it! :) I am over at


    1. Emily what a LOVELY comment, thank you so much, you truly made my day! Thank you for taking the time to read here and write this to me...I'm heading over to your blog to return the compliment now!! xxx

    2. Great post, I really enjoyed reading this + I love the sunset photos!

    3. ^^ thank you so much! ^^

  3. Lovely images! Best of luck in the FP competition :)

    1. Yay! Thank you sweetheart! Fingers crossed Xx

  4. You made me want to visit more than I already did! And thats saying something. Good luck with the FP comp!
    xo, Juliette Laura