Tuesday, 28 August 2012

doll's shoes and pantaloons

This is what my weekend looked like...

Four extremely good sports dressed in Korean peasants clothing for our friends Minsoo and Emily's traditional Korean wedding service on Saturday morning.

 It was such a hoot seeing these guys trussed up in straw hats and pantaloons with their feet folded into these tiny little plastic shoes like little Japanese foot binding women ^^

Minsoo had asked Dallas  and our friends Angelo, Joey and Tom to take part in the ceremony and carry him into the wedding hall in a beautifully ornate mahogany bridal cart. 
It was beyond a treat to be a part of this kind of wedding ceremony, to be able to pull back the curtain of time and peek back into a part of  Korean culture that modern Koreans have all but forgotten in the face of Westernized ballroom wedding gowns and catwalk-style wedding halls. 

Minsoo and Emily's wedding was special and unique and not a single diamante or plastic flower in sight.

Emily wore a beautiful full hanbok style dress and spent the entire first half of the ceremony hiding her face behind a cloth veil in accordance with the tradition of the bride only seeing her groom for the first time during their actual wedding service.
A band of Korean musicians played, the bride and groom bowed to each other and sipped wine from the same cup as a symbol of their commitment  ~ their equivalent of saying "I do".

It was a beautiful service and not a wedding I will ever forget. We followed the ceremony with a delicious Korean buffet followed by evening-time shenanigans in Itaewon's Berlin bar.

It was a great day, and all because of love, pantaloons, doll's shoes and all that good stuff.

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