Sunday, 5 August 2012

Muuido Island Meltdown

A heatwave has arrived and sucker-punched South Korea. Plants and people alike are wilting under the sun's attempts to roast us all alive. In over 2 years here I have never felt anything quite like this heat.
 Dallas and I had planned to hideyhole on the beach in Muuido Island for a few days with our friends. Perhaps tan on the sand, eat some ice cream and dip in the ocean to cool off. But mr thermometer had other ideas and we almost threw in the towel on our first day there and scampered back to our air conditioned apartment with our tails between our sunburned legs.
After a debate we decided to stay and brave a second night in the fan-less beach hut. The fun was to be found after the sun went down  and we found reprieve from the heat. We enjoyed beers, a beautiful sunset and delicious beach-side fish barbeque.

The trip wasn't a complete disaster but we'll be avoiding the endurance test that is Muuido in high summer in the future I think!

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