Saturday, 4 August 2012

Jisan Valley Rock Festival

Our week long school vacation started with a bang last weekend with a trip to the Jisan Valley Rock Festival deep in the valleys of Icheon. Dallas and I showed up with our friends on the Friday night with just a 1 day ticket and a hope and a dream. Miraculously that evolved into us somehow leaving the festival on Sunday afternoon!! Sun-frazzled, bum tired and kissed by what felt like a million mosquitoes. But happy.
Friday night anticipation levels were high as we were there to see Radiohead perform for the first time ever in Korea. This was my first experience seeing them live and it was kind of perfect that I got to see them with Dallas who worships them and is solely responsible for my appreciation of their back-catalog. Thom Yorke was a dazzling pony-tailed elf-man vision and his vocals nothing short of other-wordly. The atmosphere was magical and his voice rose and soared out from the stage, over the crowd and mountainous landscapes surrounding us.  
We rocked and swayed, closed our eyes and lost ourselves in song after song, their set lasting way beyond the scheduled 90 minutes. My personal favorite was when they surprised the fans by performing 'Talk Show Host' from the Romeo & Juliet soundtrack and I was unexpectedly transported back to the summer of 1996 and my grungy angst-ridden 16 year old self >.<! When they encored with Paranoid Android and the entire crowd chanted along to "rain down on me", I got a little emotional. I can admit it. 
The whole show was stunning and a great reminder that people are magic and music can heal. 
Thank you Radiohead.

We filled the rest of our festival time with beer and cocktails, bare toe jiving in the grass, sleeping under the stars, shade hunting, people watching and creek wading. 

I made a little playlist of my fave tracks from the Radiohead set. 

Hope everyone else is enjoying the festival season this summer! x

Radiohead Jisan by louloubelle on Grooveshark

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