Monday, 6 August 2012

Summer food: Fancy Schmancy Chicken Salad

Getting home to an oven temperature apartment after work these past months has not left this gal very motivated to turn ten shades of pink and red preparing a hot dinner over a heated stove. 
Salads have been the order of the day around here and it's been fun coasting through the foodie blogs and finding new and unusual twists on the tried and true basic salad formula.
This recipe from Simply Scratch was an instant success when I presented it to Dallas one evening and I've found myself preparing it several times since with a side salad of couscous, sun dried tomatoes and avocado. It's kind of dangerously delicious, especially the honey and apple cider vinegar dressing, which I just want to smother all of my plates in now ^.^
Living in South Korea I was worried I wouldn't be able to get my hands on some of the more "fancy schmancy" ingredients but I found the pecans, apple cider vinegar and celery in my local Homeplus. The poppy seeds were a little trickier and involved a trip to the International Food Mart in Itaewon.
Anyway, this recipe is far too good not to share so if your sick of regular salad and ready to become addicted to some seriously delightful dressing then check this recipe out.

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