Thursday, 9 August 2012

Summer Medley

Summer is a seducer.
She is one of those seasons who hits you in all of your senses. 
She looks like a dream of candy colored flowers and pink sunset skies. 
She smells like the ocean and tastes like caramel ice creams.
She sounds like indie radio turned up loud in the morning while we brush our teeth . 
She feels like fire outside and that first, amazing, wave of cool a/c air when you step back in.
I'm smitten.

Bits + Pieces of my third Korean summer.....

triple dates
cold beers + dart tournies
eating way too many mcdonalds
growing friendships + discovering sweet souls
reading under the air conditioner
baseball in the park
fountain dashes
love notes left around the apartment
living together for the first time


  1. Just when I was wishing Summer would move out, you've talked me in to loving it again. We have a lot of good memories to be thankful for. ^^

    1. and many more yet to be made.
      It's been a great summer ^^