Tuesday, 21 August 2012

puncture the skies

...and just like that, the rain began. sheets and sheets of gloomy grey drops so fat that Seoul has all but disappeared beneath the blanket of umbrellas that sprout up like mushrooms every morning. 

The drizzle and the grey and the moody atmosphere had me hankering for the coziness of a cafe which is where i packed myself off to last night for an hour alone with j.d. salinger, father john misty, a warm cup of chai latte and a paper bird cage to assemble. 

The wet spell has broken my summer salad run and I find myself leaning towards toaster oven comfort food recipes more and more often these days. last week was sweet potato fries, next will be banana bread. It's serving me well so far, my little toy oven :)

The silver lining to this oh so rude interruption to our summer heat blast is the breathtaking blankets of mist that have descended over Seoul's mountains. They are giving me such a romantic view on my morning walk (wet trudge) to school.

There's something inexplicably cosy and warm about teaching kiddos on a rainy afternoon...the rows of tiny little rainboots and umbrellas lined up by the door, the smell of glue and paper and poster paint... and watching cartoons  in a dark classroom while the rain drizzles against the windows. 

Yes, we could make the most of it and go puddle stomping and paper boat sailing...but I reckon this weather is better appreciated from inside...with dry socks and Tom and Jerry :)

                                           Nancy from Now On by Father John Misty on Grooveshark

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