Sunday, 17 February 2013

3 little things

One week, three tiny joys.

1. Free shoes!!

When Blowfish offered to send me a free pair of their new Spring season shoes to showcase on my blog I said "HELL YEAH!"
They arrived last week and they are beautiful.
Keep your eyes peeled for my first ever style post next week. 
 (not a direction I ever thought of taking on this blog but what girl can turn down a  free pair of shoes? 
"Not I", said the cat.)

2. Breakfast of champions

Lately this chilly season has me reaching for the kind of tasty comfort foods that are usually bad but oh... so good!
I've been treating myself these cold winter mornings to a breakfast of creamy chocolate milk and tuna and mayonnaise samgak kimbap, or triangle kimbap, which is basically rice wrapped in dried seaweed with a tuna and mayonnaise centre.
I know everything about this breakfast sounds wrong, but trust me, it's delicious!

3. Baby Wig Wams for my baby matryoshkas

I found the template for these adorable paper craft teepees on the same site I found the printable feathers for my cupid's arrow diy post.
Just so happens they are the perfect size to house my ceramic matryoshka beads.
Tiny joys, friends, tiny joys.



  1. Love the teepees! Aww! And can't wait to see your style post :]

    1. Thanks Em! Those printables are so pretty! Ah, the joys of Pinterest ^^

  2. those teepees are they cutest! It looks like it was made for those beads!

    1. haha, I know, they were the perfect little size!

  3. Blowfish is one of my favorite brands! You're a lucky girl. ;) Also, your breakfast sounds a-okay in my opinion! Though I can't eat seaweed or tuna. x.x I'd replace with my latest craving: horseradish with turkey and cheddar. Mmmmm.

    1. Oh my Gad! I was like "Wha.. wha..!!" Now I'm super nervous about posting about them because I'm not the most natural model. We'll see how this one goes anyway ~.^
      ooooh, turkey and cheddar, thanks for putting that image in my head!

  4. Excited to see your shoes! Those teepees are SO cute and so perfect for your ceramic matryoshka beads.

    PS. Yes to chocolate milk for breakfast any day!


    1. Thanks Victoria! Now I'm feeling all camera-shy about posting about the shoes as this was never intended to be a "style" blog in any way!

      Chocolate milk for breakfast forever! ♥