Tuesday, 19 February 2013

<<< tiny >>>

Welcome to my 7 am morning view as I wait, bleary-eyed, for the elevator to collect me from the15th floor and spit me out into that metropolis of high rises where I will become another tiny ant on the sidewalk, marching alongside the others to work.

I love the romance of this craggy mountain and the way it lends its poetry to Korea's typical white apartment building landscape.
I love that no matter where you travel in Korea, there is a looming, omnipresent mountain never too far away. Reminding us just how tiny we are.
They are the silent, giant observers of our day to day business. They witness scores of sunrises and sunsets, rain clouds and fogs and snowstorms. They are the harborers of stories and superstitions and lore.
You can look at a mountain and feel at once how small your worries are, how immaterial your cares.

When I look through the window and see this mountain every morning I can't but picture myself atop it, sleeping ,cooking, walking  it's crags and battling it's lonely wilderness like Kerouac in Big Sur.
Mountains are commonly used to symbolize obstacles, but I see a mountain and feel only reverence and transience. The thrill of it's loneliness and solitude, the awe at it's magnitude and the longing for it's wild expanse.

Mountain, Field or Sea?
These days I am comforted living under the watchful eye of the mountains.



  1. Cute guest post on modern buttercup!!! I've never made a stamp before, but I must try :)

    1. Thanks for coming over to say hi Tereza! You must try and make your own stamp, so easy and way cheaper than shop- bought x x

  2. Love the colors in that photo. So gorgeous.

    I recently moved to California from Chicago and seeing mountains out my window every day is - by far - my favorite part (even more than the weather!).

    1. Thank you! I live it when it's a clear morning like that one and the mountain isn't clouded with fog ^^

      My gosh, California, my dream!

  3. When I think of Korea I never thought of beautiful mountains. They look wonderful! I miss the mountains so much I got to live in the Rocky Mountains in Northern Alberta for four months and I am fortunate enough to move back there for another four months this upcoming May! Love your blog, new follower!

    Summer x