Wednesday, 13 February 2013

a sponsored post: DIY cupid's arrows

The happiest of Valentine's Days to all of you gorgeous people  
The old lady who lives inside me who loves to stitch and sew and make things with little glass beads rocked a little faster back n forth in her rocking chair when the lovely people at online craft supply store Wholeport offered to send me a parcel of goodies to craft with ^^

Among other pretty little doo-dads they sent me this lovely packet of masking stickers~ this is basically the sticker version of the Japanese washi tape that has been taking the crafting world by storm.

I've been wanting to use washi tape in a DIY post for a while now and the love-heart decoration on these gave me the inspiration to make these sweet-as-can-be Valentine's cupid arrows to give to your sweetheart on Valentine's day.

Behold the materials:
~ feathers (I searched high and low for craft feathers but they are apparently a rarity in Korea , so I made do with this feather printable)
~ washi tape/decorative sticker strips from Wholeport
~ bamboo sticks
~ craft wood chips (I sifted through untill I found some that resembled the shape of arrow heads)

Step 1:
Take a strip of decorative tape and carefully wrap it around one end of your bamboo stick. Repeat until you have an assortment of decorated sticks.

Step 2:
Gather together a sprig of  3 or 4 feathers.
Or in my case if you are using the feather printable, cut out a bunch of feathers.

Step 3:
Use invisible tape to attach your feathers to the decorated end of your bamboo stick.

Step 4:
Using a glue gun apply a small amount of hot glue to the bare end of your bamboo stick and attach your wood chip.

And you are DONE!
You can give your Valentine an arrow along with their card or, like me, use them as a wall decoration!
Lemon squeezy.

A special thank you to the wonderful folks at Wholeport craft suppliers for sponsoring this post. 
Check their site out for cute and extremely affordable crafting treats~ I have my eye on their beautiful selection of beads and feathers ^^


  1. Cute! I have made arrows with my little ones before using craft feathers but I think your little paper feathers look quite charming!!

    1. Thank you! I was pretty disappointed I couldn't find real deal feathers as I think the finished product would have looked more superior but I was really pleased with the printable I found ^^

  2. Louise, You're super cute! love the old lady in you :)

    1. haha!! Thanks dear, she loves ya right back ~.^

  3. This is a great idea! ..I tagged you to participate in a Liebster Blog Award, if you wanna partake. :) Details here:

    1. Thank you so much Ginger, I already did a Liebster post a few months back but thank you so much for thinking of me!!