Thursday, 7 February 2013

peek at my week// winter warmers

Beomgye High Street

The Korean winters can be long and brutal.
The deepest freeze can come along and take your breath away, red your nose and numb your ears in the blink of a night time.
If you squint your eyes and turn your head to the left you can semi make-believe you're living in Narnia.
But I don't much feel like an arm-circling ice skating lesson every time I put a foot out the door!

There's so much about this part of the year that invites the seasonal blues but I say blues are for the birds and I'm gonna keep some warm winds in these sails of mine!

This involves warm woolen socks, making blanket caves in the bed, cranking the heat and spending an extra ten minutes under the hot shower...

... it also takes wool lined slipper-socks for padding around the apartment....

...belly warming bowls of banana and almond butter porridge before work...

...treating myself to a soy chai tea latte date, wrapping my mittened hands around the hot cup for extra warmth in a classroom not yet heated by muffler-clad energy balls...

...and opening care packages filled with warm pajamas, marmalade, chocolate and all the things only an intuitive Momma could know that I need most in the world right now.

Hope y'all are keeping cozy ~.^


  1. This is such a sweet little post, I love it when bloggers give a look into their everyday lives. I hope you are doing okay and hanging in there! You've got lots of love supporting you from this community! <3

    This Lovely Little Day

    1. Kellene, you just made my night. Thank you x x x

  2. Awww, it's starting warm up over here~ But I totally understand about the cold winters! BRR!~~! Stay warm!

    1. Sarah we need to have an email chat date about, now! I'm gonna go start it up....