Thursday, 20 December 2012

3 little things// the kiddos

One week, three tiny joys.

I've decided to dedicate today's 3 "little things" to around 30 little things. 

These little things pretty much dominate my day from 9 am to 6 pm 5 days a week.
They are a hurricane of energy and spirit, endless teacher hugs and sass.
They love to rub noses with me Eskimo-kiss style, call me "Rapunzel", write me letters and draw me pictures of themselves talking to me on their cell phone.

They arrive to school in the mornings bundled up in bunny ear body warmers, bobble wool hats and love-heart mufflers.

Heart swoons.

They love nothing more than to color and paint and help me decorate our Christmas classroom with a tree made entirely of tiny 6 year old hands traced on green paper.

They can be a tough crowd some days, I won't lie. 
But they put a smile on my face every single day.

Thank you to every one of my tiny little joys for pulling the nurturing mother and the playful clown out of this natural introvert.

They've helped me grow in so many ways and they'll probably never even know it.


  1. Oh, that little girl is so cute.....want her for the top of my Christmas tree! Not sooo long ago you were that 'cute' too but then I think your still 'cute'......Mothers are such an embarressment!

  2. I'd almost forgotten about one of my favorite parts of teaching the little ones in Korea: helping them get all bundled up at the end of the day! There's something so nurturing about helping a little one sort out inside-out coat sleeves and assisting in getting the second mitten on them and wrapping the scarf all about their baby necks. I love how even when you've had a rough day, pulling a toque down over the eyes of an unsuspecting first grader and making them laugh can cause so much stress to melt away.
    That all seems so far off right now, and I love that you helped jog my memory!