Sunday, 30 December 2012

paper & woodland

Today was an early rise, pancakes for breakfast, back in bed till afternoon kind of a day.
I ventured out only once to make a run to the stationary store and discovered the world outside had turned into an ice rink overnight.
The freezing temperatures here have magicked the ground into glass while the glare of the low winter sun reflecting off the snow covered mountains created a supernaturally bright light.
Like a blinking little hedgehog I scurried back to the warmth of the apartment and spent my afternoon making these delightful paper craft house pets. 
They were one of my Christmas presents sent from a friend back home and I think they look just fine guarding our little floor garden. 

Tonight Dallas and I are off for a mini date of Korean gamjatang and The Hobbit.
Enjoy your Sunday evening dears!


  1. Omg, girl! Your blog is adorable. I am *insanely jealous* of this "So it goes" print!!
    {Em ♥}

    1. Haha thanks Emily! The canvas is so easy to make~ here's the tutorial: