Thursday, 13 December 2012

3 little things

One week. Three little joys.

1. Christmas crafting

These fingers of mine have been working double and triple shifts to get the tree, apartment decorations and what felt like a million handmade Christmas card, gifts and envelopes ready for posting.
The floor to our apartment has been a mess of thread spools and pine cones and little pieces of paper for weeks!
But finally, almost, kind of, I'm done! ^^
Some of those cards will have to cross thousands of miles to wish their merry Christmases to my loved ones.
One card in particular was addressed to a lady who I have never even met but I hope to share a little bit of Christmas peace and hope to.
Her address is:

Betty Vogel
425 E. Coleman Rd.
Clare, MI 48617

If you have a spare Christmas card left in your box I urge you to write a Christmas greeting and your signature and post it to this deserving lady and here's why.

2. Duvets & books

I have fallen shamefully behind in my reading due to a combination of Christmas prepping and and a very distracting new iPhone full of wondrous Apps for me to play with ^^
I have been making an extra special effort this week to snuggle under the duvet for 30 minutes every day after work and get back into my reading groove.

3. Lots and lots of hot chocolate

Because on these icy, frosty, cold-finger-and-toe mornings nothing else will do!
Especially when they come packaged so cutely ^^

What tiny joy kept you going this week?


  1. Those cards are just like Aunt Peaches' Christmas cards! I'm guessing you got your inspiration from the Ms. Betty post she wrote? Her blog is fantastic. It is one of my daily reads.

    1. I most certainly did ^^ Such a cheap, simple and elegant looking idea!

  2. The duvet looks so comfy and so very, very cozy! I can't say I miss catching buses in the cold, or walking to work in the sleet, but I do definitely miss being a little bit chilly and cuddling up in a pile of blankets. It's something I haven't done in a long, long time!

    What are you reading lately, lovely?

    1. The duvet is a must right now, in fact we need 2 on the bed to get even close to warm in our apartment that won't heat over 20 degrees! Brrrrrr!
      Right now I'm still working on Dostoevsky's 'The Brothers Karamazov', though not loving it as much as I loved 'The Idiot'. Have so many queued up on my kindle, can't wait for a whole week of Christmas vacay to read up a storm!

    2. Brrrr indeed! I can't even remember what being that cold feels like! I do remember that it made snuggling with PIC extra wonderful though :)
      Good to know that you liked 'The Idiot.' I'm keen to queue up something brain-engaging for the second half of the holidays, so I might try to track that one down. I'm reading The Time Traveler's Wife - was looking for something a little fluffy and fun, and am surprised by how much I like it!
      Enjoy your holidays, Louise Teacher!