Wednesday, 19 December 2012

opening windows

This week I decided to start following along with Messy Canvas's Advent Window journaling project.
I am arriving a little late to the party as we're less than a week from Christmas but  now I've begun I realize it really is just an inspirational and fun activity that can be done at any time of the year.

You're given 31 written verbs which you should select randomly every day so each day you will have a solitaire word to reflect on, live by, sketch or journal about. 

The first word I pulled was "decorate".

I've decided to use a pretty notebook Dallas bought for me a while ago that I had intentionally set aside and was keeping for a special purpose or project such as this one.

With most of my words I will mostly want to use them as writing or art journaling prompts but this word I decided to take literally.
I pasted it to the center of my page, took out my pen and doodled and decorated every spare surface on the paper.

This is my first art journal project and I'm excited about the next 30 words I will pull and meditate on and what they will evoke from me on to paper.

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