Thursday, 27 December 2012

3 little things//matryoshka love

Nesting doll, Russian doll, Babushka, Matryoshka...
These beautifully rotund and rosy-cheeked peasant women hide under many pseudonyms but no matter what you like to call them their quirkiness and cute cannot be denied.

Their colorful hand-painted flower designs, so detailed right down to the tiny baby doll-prize in the centre, are one of my favorite aspects of these wooden creations.

When I visited home last Christmas I brought my little cousin up to my bedroom and had the pleasure of peeking through a 5 year old's mind when reacting to my Matryoshka: "a doll, inside a doll, inside a doll!"

The history behind these dolls is also so interesting: "Matryoshka" comes from the latin "Mater" meaning "Mother", so these plump and colorful Earth Mothers are actually symbolic of family and fertility.

I've built up quite the collection of all things Russian Doll-related and lucky for me Korean stationers love to use these purdy doll designs on their paper goods!

1. Matryoshka Card & envelope

I bought several of these card sets when I discovered them in the Lotte stationary store~ what's even cuter is that the card opens out to reveal more Matryoshka's "nesting" inside it ^^

 2. Matryoshka post-it memos

Another stationary store find. 
5 cute little post-it stickers with different colorful little mamas on each one!

3. Matryoshka ceramic jewelry beads

I found these three little darlings in a Christmas package my Mom sent which was full of wooden, glass and ceramic beads for jewelry making.
What do you think for these~ necklace or bracelet?


  1. Those beads are too cute! Why not try making a necklace and bracelet to match?

  2. i think necklace (: they are too cute!


  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys!!! They're too cute not to wear somehow!!

  4. I think they'd look great on a necklace!! Nesting dolls are too cute. I'm so in love with the card set too! :-D

    1. Thanks Nicole! I saw a Korean woman standing in the stationary store holding one of those cards and I immediately asked her in very bad Korean to show me where they were and scooped up a bundle of them >.<