Thursday, 6 December 2012

∆ old man winter ∆

The year is officially entering it's solstice, marked by the angel white dusting that began this week, leaving nothing but little green blades and gnarly brown stalks and stems peeking out of it.
It's like mother nature is wiping the slate clean for 2013, polishing the globe ready to start a brand new year on a clean blank canvas.

It's beautiful to look out the window and see the mountain tops capped with snowflakes, my eyes dazzled by the low winter sun, to go outside and catch falling white crystals in my hair and eyelashes. 
Clean clean smells and a red red nose and footprints leading in a million directions.
Glitter falling like a snow-globe that's been tipped upside down.

There's something about the freezing air after a snowfall that shocks the lungs and opens them wider and reminds you that you are alive.

We run by the moon these days, waking up with it smiling through the crack in the blinds and scuttling on our path home under it's bright, benevolent eye. 

Winter is the most mystical of the seasons, cloaked in darkness and frost, foggy breath and frozen earth.
Children believe in magical things, homes are ornamented with glitter and baubles...peace, thanks and love warm the lips and hearts of even the stiffest of souls.

Winter is the wizard who makes this wonderland.
Perhaps he's my new favorite,...but I say that about them all.

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