Thursday, 11 October 2012

3 Little Things

The current  mish-mash of "can't make my mind up if I wanna give up Spring warmth or give into Fall chilliness" weather has this gal sick a dog.
 I usually get run down during the changing of the seasons but this one I just can't seem to shake ... and I'm just itching to snap back into my old form.
Until then it's tissues in my handbag, hot oats in the morning, plenty of vitamin C powders and three little things...

1. Put a pin on it

I hung this wall map in our apartment last week and stuck a bunch of pins in the countries Dallas and I have collectively travelled to over the years.
I want to buy a better map eventually for this practise but I do find it inspiring to look up at our wall and be reminded of all the adventures, memories and possibilities past, present and future..

2. Autumn's Candy

I took myself over to the park across the street from us last night, bag in hand, with the intention of gathering a few fallen leaves for a leaf rubbing art class I will do with my 4 year olds today. 

I got rather carried away with myself and bustled home later with a bag bursting with loot- treasures surrendered from the Fall trees- rough and crisp, burnt auburn, vivid yellow and saucy purple. Some brazenly splayed open like Japanese fans, others curled and brown like Indian feathers. 
I even swiped a few pine cones and fallen gingko fruits.
I feel like hoarding these little Autumn candies and prettying up the apartment with them somehow...but I guess the kids will get their leaf rubbing lesson today after all
 *sigh* ^^

3. Midnight snacking

One of the perks of feeling down and out is the perfect excuse it gives you to treat yourself good.
I included a few guilty pleasures in my iHerb order and the combination of dark sea salt squares and hot vanilla tea has been the absolute perfect comfort food the past few evenings.

Fingers crossed for better health for the impending weekend! 
I don't have much planned so I can just be still and get better... lots of resting, reading, crafting and baking.

Not too shabby...maybe this sickness isn't so bad after all!

Stay tuned later for a cute little DIY I made in the way too late hours of last night when i should have been sleeping my way back to health ^^

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