Tuesday, 16 October 2012

walk with me...

I was alone this weekend as Dallas voyaged to one of the islands with his man-friends for camp-fires, cook-outs and beer. I didn't hear anything about the fish spiking or bear trailing but I have my suspicions ^^

This was my opportunity to take a wander around one of my favorite neighborhoods in Seoul; Samcheong-dong. Won't you link my arm and join me in a slow walk around one of my treasured haunts?

See to your left the narrow cobbled road of treasure-box boutiques my friend and I spent a lovely afternoon rummaging through a few months past. To your right the beautifully ornate National Folk Museum Dallas and I had a date in this Summer. Over in that direction is the beloved clay oven pizza restaurant where I ate a solo lunch on Saturday.  The only evidence I'd been there at all was a plate of delicate empty clam shells.

Every time I visit this wonderful area I feel like I've stepped into the pages of a picture book. 
If you look past the abundant and adorable cafes, galleries, museums and boutiques, the neighborhood itself is rife with so many pleasing little details that slow walking is an absolute must as to ensure you  relax, enjoy and absorb it all... tiny seashell wall murals, vintage oriental paintings hung up in painted shop windows, whimsical wall art and the most beautifully ornate doorways. 
Oh, the doorways! 
Ivy coated, Japanese sliding door-style or mysterious with heavy oak and ornate detailing. 
I feel like if I step through any one of them I'll be transported Alice-style to anther world.

See, this is what happens when a dreamer like me walks around these parts!

One of the things that make Samcheong-dong a truly special area to visit is the visible echoes of Korea's past Dynasty and the perfume of history that scents the air there. 
It's hilly layout affords breathtaking views of lush mountains and charming rooftop views of the many traditional 600-year old hanok houses that linger in the area and lend a quaint, 'step-back-in-time' feel to the place.

I hope you enjoyed walking with me. 
I always come away from visiting here feeling enchanted, I hope you don't mind me sharing!

Happy mid-week folks x

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