Sunday, 28 October 2012

Monday Morning Ear Candy

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Newly chilly mornings have us cranking up the thermometer and reaching for our coats instead of our cardigans, the nip in the air is more like a pinch and cold fingers are itching to be cupped around steaming hot mugs.
Dallas prepared today's mix-tape as a special remedy to this chill Monday AM.
Press play and let it warm your insides, like a little nip of whiskey in your morning coffee.

                                       ear candy 2 by louloubelle on Grooveshark

This weekend I skipped Halloween completely. After working Saturday I lay down for what turned into a 12 hour "nap". These bones are getting old I tell ya and I don't like it!

Having Saturday turn into a complete non-event made me ever more determined to pack my Sunday full of good and productive activities.

I filled our tiny kitchen with the cosy, warm scent of pumpkin spice by baking these pumpkin spice chocolate chunk muffins. Aside from burning the tops a little they tasted like Fall would taste if you could roll it and fold it and bundle it up into a muffin case!

I also worked on a great little letter DIY which I will share with you later this week~ I blame this one for the burned muffin tops~ trying to do too many projects at the same time!

In the evening Dallas and I hunkered down and watched this true little gem of a movie called
 Ruby Sparks.
It stars Paul Dano who has already starred in two movies I loved; Little Miss Sunshine and There Will be Blood.
Ruby Sparks is a quirky, offbeat fantasy romance where Dano plays a novelist who writes about his dream girl...who magically becomes real.

Definitely one to check out!

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