Sunday, 7 October 2012

Treasure Hunt~ thrifting for vintage in Seoul

The lovely Whit and myself dedicated our Saturday afternoon to to hunting down the seemingly mythical vintage clothing market in Seoul. We had heard whisperings about its existence, even seen evidence of it's gorgeous treasures modeled on a girl we met at a concert. But I was a little skeptical.
Vintage clothing? Inexpensive? Korea??

But we were delightfully surprised when we found the place 5 minutes away from Jongno 5 ga subway station on line 1. As we walked up to the second floor of this unassuming looking market building we smelt that old clothes smell and knew we'd hit home:  inside lay a life size dress up box packed floor to ceiling with vintage items.

Everything was present and correct~ dresses, shoes, bags and belts. Isles upon isles of so many wonderful threads to sift through. You really had to be dedicated to sifting to weed out the good stuff but that's all part of the fun of thrifting right?

Within 30 minutes I had bought 5 items and spent all of my budget, it was time to leave! Here's a little peek of my purchases~ lot's of Winter ready Christmas patterned knits, a maxi skirt, the most darling red embroidered rain coat and a "Hawaiian" (so the salesman claimed) embossed leather satchel which clearly has Mexico stamped on the inside. I managed to haggle that bag down by a whole 5,000 won and was more than a litttle proud of myself.
Two rounds in India and months of travelling through SE Asia have still done little to improve this gals bartering skills!

How was your weekend folks?
Did you find any treasures?


  1. *dramatic cracking noise* - that is the sound of my heart breaking because I never happened upon this treasure chest during my two years in the ROK! Missed opportunity as. But excited that you found such delightful items!

    I will most certainly be bookmarking this for if (let's be honest: when) I'm back in good old SK once again!

  2. Well I'm mighty excited to hear of your probable return to the Land of Rock and Soil ^^

    I'd love to chaperone you to the vintage dress up box~ I really don't need any excuse to go rummage in there >.<