Thursday, 25 October 2012

Inky fingers

Untitled by rcd826
Taken from Rachel Duarte's 'Journal pages' set on Flickr
Untitled, a photo by rcd826 on Flickr.
I'm helplessly in love with these journal pages created by Rachel Duarte in San Francisco.

Click on the link to have a peek for yourself but only if you are prepared to lose the next 20 minutes falling, skirt flared like a bell, down a rabbit-hole of page after page of beautiful film photography, pressed flowers and feathers, sublime handwritten quotes from literature and lyrics, dreamy pastel paint swatches, pages torn from vintage books and lists of her friends star-signs.

It's a masterclass in scrap-booking ~ there's a romance and a mystery to keeping things treasured away on paper, locked between pages and cover. I'm getting that same old-fashioned, grab the fountain pen and get your fingers inky itch as I do when I write my handwritten letters home. What better way to preserve the keepsakes and sweet memories from this time in my life when I am collecting so many?

I think Seoul will find itself being patted down and  it's pockets rifled through this weekend for the perfect journal for starting my new project ^^

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